A downloadable game for Windows

Yeah, nah

In Yeah, nah, navigate interactions by the seat of your pants. When you have no way to reply “yes” or “no,” how efficiently are you able to interact with the world around you...?

This game was created as an exploration in opposing the norms of choice making in games. The result of game events are randomized!

How to Play:

  • A and D (or Left and Right arrows) to move.
  • Buttons and Items can be clicked with the mouse.
  • Enjoy!

Angry Cat...

Fountain of Birds




YeahNah.zip 4 MB


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Hey, Gave your game a try in my indie romp. loved the art and thought the concept was interesting. There's potential for sure and i hope you expand on it more!

It starts at 15:30

It's cute and it's got charm, and I really like the retro game music in the bg, and the idea that your only responce is a yes or no is pretty interesting, but there's not a lot to the game really. It definitly needs a bit more in it or if it's done with at least just put a "thanks for playing" when you hit the giant expance of nothingness at the end. Besides the cat, which who isn't going to pet that cat let's be honest, it didn't seem like the only other choice had any difference. Going back to there needs to be more in the game, this is in essense a game about choices, but there's really only 2 choices in the whole game, pet cat, or whatever I'm talking about with the couple. Not sure what the items are used for besides that bottle cap, since it seems like nothing else responds to them.

I'd really like to see the game expanded, and maybe even some sort of story. Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

how do i open the game? aaaa help

If you're on mac, this game won't run. Maybe that's the problem?

lol i cant figure out how to open the apP?

It should open fine. However, the game isn't for mac!  Is that the problem?

i love it its an awsome game i cant wait until it gets bigger keep up the great work

Thank  you, I hope to work on it further.

The core concept is fun and I would love to see it applied to a larger game or a set narative. A few technical problems in the animation but otherwise looks fantastic.

Thank you, I appreciate it! Yes, it has a few glitches unfortunately.

Cute little game. Using a simple yes/no system as the player's main interaction is great for some humor. The game does struggle to run though. Definitely has promise.

Thank you, I appreciate it! I may work on it further to fix the glitches.